Sandy, Randy, and the Culiacan Dandy

Three years ago when the mystical statistical analysis of Scott Boras determined that Oliver Perez was heir apparent to Sandy Koufax and Randy Johnson, eyebrows were raised, but I figure you have to wait to see how things play out. On Wednesday Perez signed with the Seattle Mariners, in a transaction involving considerably less money (and fanfare) than his three year $36 million signing with the Mets. How Koufax-like or even Big Unit-like was his production with the Mets? Below are the major league numbers for their three seasons starting at age 27 to 29. In fairness, it should be noted that Perez’s line does not include his minor league numbers, including the entire 2011 season during which the Mets paid him $12 million to pitch for the Harrisburg Senators, AAA affiliate of the Washington Nationals. 

Perez, Koufax, and Johnson ages 27-29

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